This is Lucy she is one of many Scotties recently rescued from two huge Puppy Mills. These dogs have received very little positive interaction with humans, so most are very leery of human touch, some are fearful and some are hesitant but wanting so very much to be loved. They were living in rabbit hutch type cages, up off the ground, with wire bottoms. Since they have never walked on solid ground and have never walked on a leash most are fearful of standing and walking on pavement or grass.

Lucy is currently being fostered in north west KY, she and the others rescued from this situation need owners who are patient and understanding of where they come from, and what they have been though. They need homes without small children, and traditionally fenced yards. If you can provide this type of home, fill out the online application.

Giving these dogs a home will not be easy, but we feel that it will be one of the most rewarding and yet heart wrenching things you will ever do. Because we can not ship dogs at this time of year, adoptions will be limited to people who are willing to drive to or near Kentucky, Arkansas or Tennessee. We can arrange some transports, but not cross country. These dogs have been though so much, they do not need to be passed through several hands before arriving at their forever homes.