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The first step to adoption if you live in Tennessee or any surrounding state is to fill out the online application below. That way we learn more about you and your lifestyle and will be able to make a better match.

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Once we have your application, we will file it until we find a Scottie that we believe would fit into your home.

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We then run your references and schedule a home visit in order to get you approved to adopt. If you are interested in a particular dog, please make that known on your application.

Do Your Research

If you have never owned a Scottie, I would strongly recommend that you do some extensive breed research before obtaining one. Scotties can be stubborn and strong willed, and somewhat more difficult to live with than more compliant breeds of dogs. Since they were bred to hunt and chase fox and badgers as well as other vermin, they need either a traditionally fenced yard or owners that are dedicated to take them out on leash every time they need to go out, regardless of weather.

If you’ve taken in a dog you think is a Scottie, view our brochure on the characteristics of a Scottish Terrier to aid Animal Shelters in determining if you have one.

If you live out of our region, I would recommend that you go to Scottish Terrier Club of America and place an application with the coordinator that is nearest you. We do some out of state adoptions but it can be a daunting task to try to transport a rescue over long distances.

For more information and other helpful links on breeds of Scotties see the following sites:

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