Abby and Emma were rescued from a hoarding situation, where they did not receive any socialization and very little attention. Thus they are both very shy and timid. However since being in rescue they have begun to gain confidence in their surroundings and love their routine of meals, playtime, cuddling and warm beds. Both are nervous if anything changes but quickly respond to positive encouragement. Both love to romp in the backyard and search out every nook and cranny. They are mischievous (like most Scotties) but come immediately when called. They are sweet and love to be held and thrive with normal outdoor activity. I think they missed most of their early life and so everything seems to be a new and exciting adventure for them.

Emma is the shyest of the two. She is sweet and very cuddly but will sit alone unless encouraged to join in.

Emma needs a very securely fenced yard where she can romp and roam, along with a quiet family with no small children, who has time to spend with Emma and patience to help her become all she was meant to be. If you can give Emma this type of home, please fill out the online application.